About Us

Zolo� is a brand catering to the modern man with a wide assortment of stimulating devices to satisfy all of his wild desires. Zolo�s� adventure began with a research team consisting of 4 males who wanted to recreate the textural experience of intercourse. Zolo� understands that men are looking for variety and options for solo play. What evolved is the real-feel pleasure system consisting of Zolo� Male Stimulator Cups and the Zolo� Pocket Pool collection

All Zolo� products are designed using the brand�s patent-pending technology and made with proprietary real-feel soft, lifelike material. All of the unique textures of Zolo� products, warm to the touch and feel better than the real thing. Zolo� Male Stimulator Cups and Zolo� Pocket Pool� sleeves come with Motion Lotion for an enhanced experience.

With so many varieties and ways to enjoy Zolo� Cups and Zolo� Pocket Pool, �Why do it SOLO, when you can do it ZOLO�?!�